When Can Puppies Go Outside?

Puppies must take outside to meet new friends, improve their social skills, and learn to build friendships.


Also, it helps them to adjust to the environment easily.

Here are the lists of the critical time that we must know to take the puppy to other beautiful places:

How long do you wait before taking puppy outside?

You must wait for 10-14 days after the last puppy vaccination.

Besides, it can give you a chance to enjoy spending time with puppies inside home.

You can bring them to different places when it reached 14-15 weeks old.


When puppies have the age of 8-16 weeks, socialization is the crucial part; it means that you must expose them to the outside world to explore and meet other dogs to improve the social skills.

How much time do puppies need outside?

The newborn puppies are allowed to go to the backyard as long as it will be placed in the safe area.

You must also focus your attention on newborn puppies to ensure its safety from other animals and to the sudden change of the weather condition.

The advisable time to let puppy stay in the backyard is within the time frame of one to two hours.

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Tips to Take Puppies Outside

You are the one that serves as a parent of puppies; that is why you must know the do’s and don’t when taking them outside to improve its health.

Here are the tips that you must keep in mind:

1. Public Places

You must not take our puppies into the public places to prevent our puppy from being fully exposed to the crowded and dirty place.

It has a high percentage of having infectious bacteria and viruses that can cause puppies to be easily infected.

This is the best strategy to make sure that puppy will be healthy and be vaccinated on the scheduled date.

2. Safe Dogs

To make sure that puppies will be safe to have a good interaction with other dogs, our puppies must be brought to a good environment.

The vaccination is also important to ensure that they will not be infected easily.

3. Conditioning of the Puppies

You must let puppies experience what the outside world looked like when they arrived within the age range of two to four months.

This is the time when they have protection from any diseases.

4. Digestive Tract

You must ensure that puppies have the efficient working of the digestive tract; it can make that after half an hour of eating, they will poop.

That is the reason why you must consult a veterinarian to have a chart that serves as the guide to provide healthy foods to them.

5. Setting a Routine

You must choose a good area that is near to house to ensure that you will have a consistent routine which is going to the same place every morning.

It is the most effortless process to let our puppy learn the method to be a habit.

6. Rewards

Giving a reward to puppies is essential to make love going outside. In this way, they will always want to go to different places, and it can be a habit of  puppies to go out comfortably.


Feeding a Newborn Puppy

A newborn puppy only drinks milk. That is why you must have the mother of the puppy.

In case the newborn puppy has weaned from its mother, we can consult the veterinarian to have a piece of advice on what brand of milk is best for the puppy and how to bottle-feed.

Weight of Newborn Puppy

The newborn puppy must have a proper way of bottle feed to ensure that it weights twice its previous weight.

The other way around is to get the weigh, which has a percentage of 10-15% per day indicates that the puppy is healthy.

Benefits of Going Outside with Puppy

1. Improves socialization

Taking puppy outside is the best way for the exploration of different challenging and fun activities.

It allows our puppy to see the beauty of going from one place to another.

2. Weight Control

Puppies can walk around the place and meet new playmates that can help to burn the calories of dog.

Also, it serves as a way to prevent the obesity and malnourish of puppies.

3. Improves Physically and Mentally Healthy

Being connected to the outside world serve as a way to have fun in visiting many beautiful places that can let us feel relaxed as well as our puppies.

Traveling can help to reduce stress and have a better mood. By just walking around, it can help to become physically fit and mentally healthy.

It will help puppy to be energetic in moving around and prevent the feeling of boredom in staying inside our house.


4. Strong Bond

You and puppy will have a stronger bond through the process of spending time in going outside and having fun together.

The love, care, and attention that we invested serve as a way to let our puppies, to be happy and healthy.

They will trust and make us feel that we are their best parents that they ever have.

Final Thoughts

You must take note that having the right knowledge, skills, and attitude are the keys to ensure the growth of our puppy.

Being with your puppy will make us feel relax and forget the painful part of life that keeps us aspiring to our dreams.

With your puppy as best friend, we can feel the happiness of creating memories with our puppy which is the best treasure over the material things; in this world even we have a lot of money, we cannot buy the happiness and love because it is the priceless things in the world.

In every day of our life, always think that is our last so we can do what we want to cherish our existence.

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