What Does Whale Eye Mean in Dog Body Language?

Whale eye can be hilarious; in humans, this is mostly a healthy way of interacting with others.


Still, in dogs, this is different, and this often not a very good thing because you have to pay attention to your dog so that it will be easy for you to know the reason behind doing such type hilarious things.

This way of looking called whale eye, and this is the way of a dog to tell you “Back off.”

Sometimes whale eye shows the type of aggression, and it is only possible when your dog is continually guarding something.

It might be a chew toy, dog’s favorite hooman, food, or when it feels threatened.

Many other things can cause this problem, and your dog will start giving whale eye so that you will have to change that work and make it done in such a way that it will help you in getting rid of it. 


Things To Do When Dog Shows Whale Eye

It’s not that big problem that you have to worry about. Neither the world is going to end, nor your dog is bad.

In reality, this is a very common behavior in all the dogs that exhibit.

No one wants them to do that continually, but you have to understand why the nature of your dog changes and what is the reason behind it.

If you are close enough to your dog, then it will be easy for you to know the reason, or it is required to distract your dog

  • Now coming across to the changed behavior of the dog, you have to give some space to your dog, which they want so that they will not behave weirdly, and you will have some back up to analyze the situation.

Do you ever get closed to the bone which your dog loves to hide? If not, then try to do it, this will help you in knowing about all the things that can happen with your dog.

  • If you are about to put step on the favorite toy of your dog or to go to throw dirty pillow on the bed of your dog, then you may see change in the reaction of your dog and the reason behind it is a pose of defense because your dog is warning you to not do that again.

For that whale, the eye is a sign of warning if a dog likes to guard some items of high-value like special treats, a specific toy, bone, etc.

If you don’t want to see the aggressive behavior of your dog, then it is better to take your dog away from that particular thing.

  • If that item of high-value item is you and you usually give side-eye to anyone, then try to be very aware of this behavior or try to escape dog from that place; otherwise, he will start doing the same while seeing that person.

This is very bad and maybe a reaction to showing aggression.  

  • If you saw any such issue in your dog as if they are dealing with that significant reaction and stress, then it becomes necessary to take the help of a trainer or the one who can help you in changing the behavior of your dog, for that all you need to know is the right time.


How To Know the meaning of Whale Eye

People should know the difference between whale eye and normal side gaze so that it will be easy for you to understand the behavior of your dog for that you have to notice the body of your dog’s.

If it feels threatened, then you will see rigidity and tense situation. But in the language of the dog, it means saying not going to harm.

What are the other signs that show your Dog Is Stressed

If you are an owner of a dog, then it will be easy for you to sense whether your dog is stressed or not.

Whale eye is the one thing that used by dogs to show they are in an uncomfortable position or want you to do something.

Many other signs show the stress of dogs like-Pacing, Licking, Panting, Shaking, Strange body posture/cowering, Whining, Barking, Yawning, Drooling, Frequent blinking, Avoidance, Shedding, Hiding or attempting to escape and Going to the bathroom indoors.

If you see any of these moments of your dog, then try to take the help of a trainer, and this will let you get the desired result.

Everyone needs to be very cheerful towards your dog and make sure that you don’t show them a sign of anxiety

Instead of that, you can evaluate every moment and then evaluate the necessary steps to be taken at that time so that the mood of your dog will change, and this will make them feel healthier than before are.

What are the things you can do to change the mood of your dog?

If you want to distract your dog and want to make them feel happy, then it is very important to give them space and time so that it will be easy to see the changes in the behavior.


You can change the mood of your dog by using any of the following methods-

  • Going outside with your dog for a walk
  • Try to play with them in the house
  • Offer them delicious and healthy food
  • Bath regularly
  • Offer bone
  • Give them a happy atmosphere

If you can do all the above things, then it will be easy for you to take care of your dog so that he will behave normally and you don’t have to be worried about it.

People who love to take care of their dog may bring them for regular checkups so that it will keep them away from all the diseases.

While going for a medical checkup, it is necessary to find one of the best doctors who is specialized in treating all types of problem-related to your dog.

How to distract your dog from doing hilarious things?

If you want to stop or distract your dog from doing hilarious things, then you have to give them time, space and care so that you will be able to change them, and it will be easy to live with your dog happy.

Most of the time, the dog does weird behavior after seeing a stranger.

If you don’t want the same thing, then let them train that how to behave when someone comes to your home, and for such type of training, you might need the help of trainer or the one who can give you right suggestion so that you will be able to bring right type of foods and other things that you may want from them.

Final words

There are many things that you can do to change the behavior of your dog so that it becomes easy to understand the problems that make your dog aggressive and change the mood.

In that whale eye is the most important thing that has to be changed as soon as possible because it impact on the health of dog.

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