How to Train a Pit bull Puppy?

Despite the good qualities of the Pit bulls, many of us prefer to purchase other breeds due to the reason that the pit bull is known as aggressive dog.


However, there is a solution to ensure that the pit bull will have a good reputation through the training that we can provide.

Tips to Train a Pit bull Puppy

The training has a big factor to easily handle our pit bull dogs as long as we have the right knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Here are the lists of the tips that we can do to have an efficient and effective training for pit bull:


1. Express Love for Pit bull Puppy

We must guide our little ones, pit bull puppy. It is like a child that needs to feel the love, care, and attention of the parent.

We should ignore dog when they keep on barking to perceive that the action is wrong.

It also includes the teaching of good things to ensure that he will grow to be a good one.

If ever, when the time arrives that our pit bull puppy becomes a parent, it can also teach the good things that we thought.

2. Crate Training

The pit bull must have its own personal space. The crate is the best place so that the dog can sleep with comfy.

The crate should not be used as the punishment of our pit bull when it commits a mistake; it should the place that our pit bull to be loved to stay when we are not around.

We can assure you that our pit bull will prefer to stay in the crate than going to other places.

3. Dog Bed Training

The crate must have a dog bed to make sure that our puppy will feel comfortable in sleeping to its own space.

There are different dog beds, so we must choose the one that is suitable for the needs of our puppy, which has excellent properties.

The dog bed must have the proper size of dog, chew, and water-resistant, soft and smooth, and has the cooling effects; it will give a long last comfy of our pit bull puppy.


4. Collar and Tag

Our pit bull must have a name, so it will be easy for us to call it.

Putting the collar and tag to our pit bull puppy is the best, so if our dog gets lost.

The one who found our dog will be able to contact us since the collar and tag contains our complete information.

5. Scaffolding

We can assist our dog in making sure that it will learn the rules that we set.

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With must have time to spend with our pit bull puppy to have a consistent time of giving a hand to make sure that our puppy will have good behavior and a consistent routine inside and outside the house.

We have a big role to play to ensure our dog will have some positive changes in the behavior.

6. Consistency of the Feeding Schedule

We can consult a veterinarian for the healthy diet of our pit bull puppy.

The veterinarian can give us a chart that will serve as our guide in providing healthy foods and be aware of how many times to provide food to our dog.

Besides, we will provide our dog with the right amount of the food to prevent our pit bull puppy to poop regularly.


7. Availability of Water

The water must always be available to aid the thirst of our pit bull puppy, especially to the hot season.

It is also our responsibility to regularly check the cleanliness of the water.

The clean water that is always available can prevent our pit bull puppy from being dehydrated and getting sick.

8. Provides a Reinforcement

The examples of the reinforcement are foods, toys, or praises.

It serves as a way to have our pit bull to have a strong drive to be consistent in giving a positive response to our command.

Giving a reinforcement can inspire our puppy to do what it did before.

House Train Your Pit bull Dog

We must have more time for the consistency of the training to turn it into a routine of our dog.

Teaching our pit bull can make it a daily routine of our dog, such as no biting of the furniture and urinating inside the house.

Setting rules inside the house for our dog is beneficial to make our pit bull puppy possess the right behavior that we will be proud of.

Here are the lists of the house training for our pit bull puppy:

Potty Training a Pit bull

There should be a place where our pit bull puppy will Poop.

We should assist them for months until it becomes their hobbit to go out and poop without our guidance.

If there is a pad, it will be an easy way to train puppy to poop.

The pad has the pheromones that attract our pit bull puppy to stay in the pad.

If our puppy shows the behavior that it needs to poop, we can place it into the pad to poop, and we must praise to have a positive impact that it will do it again.

Through the months that we assist our pit bull puppy, we can ensure that it will voluntary go to the pad and poop even without our supervision.

Basic Training for Pit bull Puppy


We must engage our dog with the basic puppy training to be physically and mentally healthy.

Here are the lists of the basic training that we can provide to our pit bull puppy for the excellent growth of or pit bull puppy:

1. Fetch

Teaching our dog how to fetch is beneficial to prevent obesity and the complications to the joints of our pit bull puppy.

In fetching, our pit bull puppy has the simulation of the toy that we will throw and encourage our dog to have fun running to catch the toy.

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2. Exercise

In our jogging and walking, we can make our pit bull to be our companion. It will help our dog to have a healthy body and explore the outside world.

Spending time with our dog can help to develop a stronger bond from one another and make our dog happy always.

We can enjoy doing our exercise because we have our companion, which is the dog, and together, we will have consistent jogging.

3. Roll Over

In teaching our dog to roll over, it requires us to have a clean mat for the comfort of our pit bull.

After placing a mat, it is the time to call our pit bull by its name to come into our place.

The first step that we must teach to our pit bull is the down position or letting our dog lay down into the mat.

For the ease of our dog to roll over, we place our hand starting from the nose to the neck. Then, let the dog repeat the rollover position.

4. Kiss

We can train our dog to kiss us before we leave and arrived at the house.

Our dog will be sweet also to other kids and can help us to feel loved or have someone who will be there for us through the thick and thin of our life.

The pit bull puppy can be the best companion of our life as long as we treat it nicely.

5. Hug

We should always give our dog a hug. In this way, he can also learn how to hug us too.

If ever, we arrive at home, our dog will go to our place and the first one to initiate to give a hug.

Also, our puppy will be the one who can comfort us during the down moment of our life.

6. Socialize to Other Dogs

We must have a schedule to let our dog socialize with the well-trained dogs.

In this way, our pit bull will learn how to treat other dogs nicely.

The other dogs that have the well-trained can influence our pit bull to behave easily.

Our puppy will improve its social skills so it can help our pit bull puppy to be friendly with other dogs.

Stop Barking Pit bull Puppy

Usually, our pit bull will bark when there are unfamiliar people in our house.

If ever, we yell to your dog when it keeps on barking when we arrived at home can cause the misconception of the dog that we let them keep on yelling, so we need to be careful.

We should ignore our dog when they keep on barking to perceive that the action is wrong.

Benefits of Training the Puppy

We will have multiple benefits as well as our pit bull. Here are the lists of the benefits:

1. Easy Management

Training our pit bull puppy is essential to handle easily since it values us due to the love, care, and time we give.

Our puppy will always follow our command and prevent omitting the same mistake in the past.

Through the months that we train our pit bull puppy, we can ensure that our puppy can remember all of it, and it can be easy for them to give a response to our command.

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2. Strong Bond

Spending together for a longer period can strengthen the bond from one another.

Our pit bull will let us feel that we are not alone and create more memories that we can treasure for the rest of our life.

Pit bull will trust and respect us all the time, so we will feel stress even we are into our homes.

The love, attention, and effort that we give are worth it to make our pit bull puppy become the better version of itself since it will stay with us no matter what happens.

3. Fun

The puppy that has discipline can make us happy and comfortable in bringing it to the other place since we can handle our puppy easily.

It will always follow our command to experience different activities, and both will have some fun. It can make sure that it will not bite other people to participate in a group activity.


4. Healthier Body

Every day, we can have jogging together with our dog. It will let us feel to enjoy doing the challenging and exciting activities together that can lessen the stress that we are feeling.

In other words, we will be physically and mentally health being together with our pit bull.

5. Safety

Having a well-trained dog in our house is safe to play with kids.

Even we are not around, we can ensure that our puppy will not chew the things and can maintain the cleanliness of the house since we have consistent training with our puppy.

6. Learnings

We will be able to learn on many aspects that require for the good life of our pit bull puppy.

If it is our first time to take good care of the pit bull puppy, we can consult the professionals such as the veterinarian, nutritionist, and the dog trainer to become aware what are the best food to eat and the other things to improve its health.

If our pit bull puppy dog has bad behavior and finds it difficult to change, the professional will give our puppy a treatment, and we can also have an idea of the things to do in case our puppy has the same behavior.

Final Thoughts

The training serves as a way to make puppy have discipline and respect for us.

It can lead to a good quality of life because our dog is our great companion for our daily tasks at home.

We need to take note that the way we treat pit bull puppy has a great impact on the continuous growth of the pit bull puppy.

That’s why we must be able to provide its needs and express our love through action.

The pit bull puppy can help us to have a good quality of life since it gives a colorful hue to our life and let us fell that we must focus on the positive concept of life, which is to give love and let us feel that we deserve to be loved.

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