How to Stop a Dog from Pooping in the House?

As the dog owner, we find the poop to be one of the stressors that we will face.


To prevent the poop inside our house, we must know the different ways to stop our dog from eliminating its waste all over our room, such as:

Why Your Dog Poop Inside the House?

Incase our dog poop inside the house, we must clean it up and determine the problems why dog keeps on popping inside home.

We must monitor our dog, especially while it shows the sign that it will poop.

Here are the lists of the factors that we need to know:


Medical Problems

Our dog cannot tell us what they are feeling, that is why we must be observant to the behavior of our dog to ensure that it has no problem to its body that causes the continuous bowel movement.

To fully determine the health of our puppy, we can consult to a professional veterinarian since it will undergo various tests and determine the health condition of our dog.

Age of our Dog

We must take into consideration that the age of our dogs has a significant factor in the pooping of our dog.

If our dog in the house is older has a weak body, so it is difficult for them to control and run outside the house to poop.

There is also a possibility that it will cause amnesia; it means that our older dog forgets the training that we taught when it is still a puppy.

We must have time to teach our dog the basic training commands or let our dog stay in the crate when we are not around.

The stress of our dog

The dog is prone to stress and anxiety; that is why we must have time to bring our dog outside to have an exercise and meet other dogs.

Having a walk and playing can result in making our dog have time to relax and explore that can improve its physical and mental health.

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The time that we spend with a dog to relax and feel happy.

Taking our dog to the places that have a good environment can improve the health of our dog to have a regular bowel movement.

Behavioral Issues

To have a happy and energetic dog, we must have time to set a routine for our dog, such as the feeding and drinking schedules, as well as toilet training.

We must give attention to spend time with our dog to quickly determine if there is a sudden change in our dog.

Being aware of the behavior of our dog can ensure that it will not poop inside our house.

Tips on How to Stop a Dog from Pooping in the House

The solution to the problem about the elimination waste of the dog is through having a consistent routine and make it a habit of the dog.

Here are the tips to potty train our dog on pads:

Learning the Basic

We must think of a name to give for our new dog. If our family members are around, we can introduce our dog to them and let our dog have the freedom to explore our house and provide its needs.

Monitor our Dog

Keeping an eye to our dog is needed to ensure that we will prevent it from urinating or defecating inside the house.

If our dog has started to urinate, we just said the word ”no” in a firm manner and took our dog outside the home.

Prevent Physical Punishment

There are incidents that our dog, who is new in the house or an older dog, can accidentally poop in our house; it can be quite stressing.

We must keep in mind that we must prevent the physical punishment to our dog when it eliminates its waste and immediately cleans up the waste on the floor.


Potty Training for Dogs

It is best to choose the best area where our dog will poop.

We can also ask the previous owner of the dog, of the sign that it observes when our dog will defecate or urinate.

It will be easy for us to know when to guide our dog to its potty zone and say the word “no” in a firm manner.

After our dog eliminates its waste, we must praise it into a cheerful tone of voice.

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Reward-Based Potty Time

The reward-based pooping time consistently can make our dog understand the concept of the proper way of eliminating waste.

The reward to give can be food, toys, or having a walk outside.

Limit the Dog Area

We can limit the dog area with the use of the baby gates that can be placed inside the room or closing the door of a room to ensure that we can easily monitor our dog.

We can research through the internet or talk to a professional to give us an idea of the normal elimination of a dog and help us to determine when a dog will need to go outside.

Being aware of the routine of the dog can help us to ensure that we bring the things that can we need and the time when our dog will poop or pee.

Schedule Trips

We must have a chart that will serve as a schedule for the feeding time of our dog and its time to eliminate its waste.

After pooping of the dog, we can freely have a walk together with our dog and going to a peaceful place so we can relax together.

The flight that we book will let us try to learn new things together and create more memories together in different places.

Walking Around to Park

Even we have a busy schedule; we must make time for our beloved pet is going to places that have a good environment to meet new people and participate in the different activities that are challenging and exciting.

Going outside can improve the health of our dog as well as our own.

Potty Train with a Use of Pad

Having a new dog is a challenging and exciting part because we are going to provide a toilet training and possess the right attitude.

Here are the lists of the potty training for our dog:

Purchase the Items

Before, we must purchase the items such as the pads and rewards for effective toilet training.

The pad can lessen our stress at an affordable price since it requires less attention and time.

Place the Pad on the floor floor

When we arrived home, we should be prepared for the difficulties that we will encounter during the training of our dog, and the pad must be placed on the floor.

There must be consistency in the location of the pad to create a simulation for our dog.

When we are not around, we should cover our floor with the pads and remove one pad every day until there is only one left.

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Our dog will be trained to stay in the house and poop only to the pad.

How to Stop a Dog from Pooping in the House? 1

Creating a Simulation

The pad has the pheromones that attract our puppy, so we will find it easy to get the attention of our dog.

We should hold our dogs to prevent sitting on the pad; we can just let our dog sniff all over the pad.

To start with toilet training, we will give more food to our dog to cause it to poop.

When our dogs show the sign that it will eliminate its waste, immediately place it into the pad and when it is done to poop.

Lastly, we must praise our dog when it is done with its routine.


To make sure that our dog will prevent to poop inside our house, we must scaffold our dogs so they will make new habits to ensure that the floor of our house will have no poop.

Along the way of toilet training, we can encounter a lot of difficulties, so it requires patience and effort to prevent our dog from committing the same mistakes.


The crate must not be used as a place for the punishment; rather, it must be the own space of our dog.

It is beneficial for the newborn and older dogs since it has a soft and smooth dog bed.

Also, ensure that our house will be freed from having a poop because our dog has its owned place where there is a dog bed inside the crate that has the feature of the resistance to the urine and can be easily clean up.

Final Thoughts

Having our dog can let us learn new things and improve ourselves.

We can get new learning to the professional people to provide the needs of our dog and ensure that it will be healthy to become a happy dog.

Having a dog in a house can encourage us to have some time to feel motivated in doing the exercise, such as walking, jogging, and engaging in different activities with a collaboration with other people.

Our dog will be the one who will love the way we are and stay with our side.

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