How to Potty Train a Puppy on Pads?

Training a puppy with a new habit requires time and patience.


To make sure that he will not pee and poop inside the house, we need to Potty train a puppy to use the pad if we are not around to open the door.

Getting Started with Potty Training a Puppy on Pads

The first thing that we need to do is to purchase the items such as the pads and rewards.

It is also essential that we also prepare yourselves since we will encounter difficulties in training your puppy.

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1. Set up the Pads

We must place the pads on the floor and show them to your dog. Your puppy will quickly get its attention to sit in the pad.

The location of the pad must be consistent to prevent the dog from being confused with your instruction.

2. Get Acquainted

Prevent your puppy from staying or playing with the pad; we just let it sniff the pad to be familiar.

It will increase the retention of your puppy to listen and follow command.

Puppy will find it interesting and fun to lay down into the pad the whole day.

3. Command

Let your puppy eat the foods, drink the water, and give a command to stay into the pad.

After ten minutes, we need to check if your dog poop and reward it, such as a toy or food.


4. Reduce the Pads

Place the pads with the pee or poop into the trash can and get a new pad to use by your puppy to make your house clean and fragrant.

Always make sure that the pads to be used by puppy must clean to prevent from being dirty.

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Other Ways of Potty Training a Puppy on Pads

We must keep in mind the other ways to make positive changes in the toilet training of your puppy to ensure that your house will not have a mess to prevent us from being stress and have a good relationship with puppy to understand each other.

Here are the other ways of potty training in your puppy on pads:

1. Restrict Access inside your room

Pay attention to the behavior of your puppy, and if we observe that he needs to poop, we must say the word “potty” and immediately place puppy into the pad.

When he has poop or pee in the pad, we should praise or reward him as the acknowledgment of the job well done.

We must monitor him to prevent it from having access to your house to do the potty training in bed to be a success.


2. Positive Treatment

The dog will inevitably make a mistake; we must help your dog with all means, such as placing it into the pad and have continuous training to improve your puppy’s habits to prevent in omitting the same mistake.

With a positive attitude towards your puppy, it will make a strong bond and feel safe with one another.

It will also allow puppy to have good behavior due to your patience in training and the love that we can express through your actions.

3. Set up puppy’s room

If we are not home, we can have placed the pads all over the floor, and it must also include the food, water, and toys.

It will be a routine of your puppy for three days to pee and poop to the pad, and we must remove it until there is only one that is left.

4. Feeding Schedule


We can make a schedule for the veterinarian to have a consultation regarding the foods to eat and vitamins that is good for the health of your puppy.

The veterinarian will give us a piece of advice and chart that contains the feeding schedule that is good for the health of your puppy to protect it from the foods that can result in obesity or malnutrition.

The chart that is given to us by the veterinarian serves as your guidelines to provide puppy with the nutritious foods to strengthen puppy’s immune system and body.

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5. Take to your puppy to its pad.

In the first and second weeks of the month, it is necessary to have supervision to puppy performance in the potty training with the pad.

We can prevent him from poop and pee to the different areas of the house and prevent the repetition in the continuous eliminating of the wastes.

With the proper guidance of your dog, we will properly train puppy and make it the habit.

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Benefits of Potty Training your Puppy on Pads

Training a puppy will result from removing the bad habit that will also have advantages to your daily life. Here are some of the benefits of the potty training puppy with a pad:

1. Makes Easier For Us

The potty pad training is easier for puppy since the puppy pads have the scent that can attract your puppy to use it when poop.

We will not use too much effort to convince or puppy to use the pad.

2. Faster

Even without your supervision, you will be feeling confident that puppy will stay in its place and will have no urge to hold the pad. You will find convenience in using the pads since it helps to lessen your work at home.

The dog with the potty training on a pad will not require too much attention and time.

3. Cleanliness of Your Home


The puppy will stay in the pads, so it means that puppy will not bite your furniture and prevent going into your bed.

It can also prevent your house from having a foul odor so we can have peace of mind and have a lot of time to have a break from too many tasks to do since he has the effective potty training in the pad.

4. Easy to Clean Up

When your pad has the dirt and poop, you just need to throw it into the garbage can since it can be purchased at an affordable price.

It will help to prevent you from cleaning the pad that has the poop all over it and make your dog roam around to the corners of the house.

The poop and pee of puppy will be easily clean up by throwing the pad into the trash can.

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5. Safety and Health of your Puppy

If your puppy has no vaccine yet, the pad is the best place since it has a clean and soft surface. It will make him be healthy and prevent from exposing to the bacteria.

Your puppy has no interest in going outside that can help us to ensure that he will not go outside; even door is wide open.

It can serve as the inspiration for puppy to eat the nutritious food and prevent biting the materials inside home.

6. Prevent Stress


It will reduce your stress that your puppy will lay down into your bed and chew the papers in your table due to the reason that it has the pheromones that attract the puppy to stay in the pad.

You are no longer need to rush in taking your puppy outside when it shows signs that it needs to poop.

7. Strong Bond

We can spend more time to train your puppy to have good behavior regarding toilet training.

The love, time, and effort in guiding your puppy will serve as a way to have a strong bond with one another.

It will be a way to have respect and build trust with one another.

Your dog will be your best friend that will always be there on your side through your ups and downs.

8. Fun

Your dog will be obedient in following your command since your puppy love and respect.

You can enjoy traveling with dog, and you will have peace of mind when you enter the hotel to rest since dog already knows when to pee.

You will not feel alone about traveling more because you are with your special one, which is your cute puppy.

Final Thoughts

The potty training is the difficult one since it allows us to accompany your puppy to eliminate their waste outside the house.

In potty train puppy on pads alone require attention, more time, and patience. It is also important the training must be maintained consistently for two weeks to make it a habit to make your puppy energetic to move around and have good behavior.

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