How to Teach a Dog to Stay?

We must be a persistent type of person to teach our dog to know how to respond to the “stay command” since it is just the basic dog command.


It will play a vital role in a particular situation as if we want our dog to stay in our room or to stay in one corner to prevent blocking our way.

We must take into consideration our mood for the day since it affects the way to teach our dogs.

The training should be consistent; that is why no matter what happens, we should not break the training.

If we ever have a bad mood, we can take our dog outside the house to lighten our mood and tell our dog to “stay.”


Create a Plan for the Training Session

Teaching our dog to stay must only last for five minutes per day since it is the easiest way of the training.

The consistency of the training for a short period is essential to ensure that our dog will not forget the correct way of responding to our command.

Choose the Best Reinforcement

We should determine which reinforcement has a strong influence on our dog to be inspired to focus on our instruction and foster the best behavior of responding to our command, which is to “stay.”

Our dog loves dog Biscuits since it has a small size and can easily chew and the Toys are the best choice to give if our dog loves to play with multiple toys.

Sitting Position

When we teach our dog to stay, we must give our dog the command to “sit.”

Ways to Teach our Dog to Stay

We must keep in mind that teaching our dog to respond to our command requires persistence and consistency.

Monitoring our dog the behavior of the dog serves as a way for us to create a better plan that can be associated with the better learning of our dog to stay with us when we give a command.

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Comfortable Spot

We should check the spot where our dog will sit; we must make sure it is well-cleaned and let our dog have a feeling of comfy.

The excellent place can ensure that our dog will follow our command and leave the place when we say the command “leave.”

Verbal Cue and Gesture

In teaching our dog to master the concept of the “stay position successfully” must involve the happy tone of voice and it and has the hand gesture to encourage our dog to do the routine successfully.

Teach our Dog with the Right Behavior

Giving a command in a firm tone will motivate our dog to do the sitting position and repeat the word “stay” every time during the training session.

For example, our dog stands up and strengthen their back; we must correct them by saying “no” with a firm voice to have an emphasis that they are doing the wrong way around.

When our dog sits in a backdown position, we must give praise to our dog in a happy and friendly tone. Then, repeat many times until our dog can do it correctly.



Reward-based training has a high impact on the learning of our dog.

When our dog maintains to stay in a good spot in a sitting position, it only means that our dog has understood the concept of our command.

Way of Giving a Reward

For the obedience of our dog to our command, we must give our dog a reward that it loves the most.

Our dog must stay in its position for minutes, and we must command our dog to come to us. This is the best time that we give our dog with reinforcement, either food or a toy.

Change the Position

The dog must have its name, so it will easy for our dog to know if it is the one that we called. Our dog will go quickly to our place.

In case, we command our dog to be in a stay position; it will only last for minutes and teach our dog on to let go of the position by giving a command which can be utter using the word “come” so it will move forward to be near with us.

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We must also take note that in giving a command, it must be with authority but in a calm manner to let our dog learn to be obedient to the different commands.

Increase the Distance

If our dog already understood how to respond to our stay command, it is now the time that we associate the distance of the spot of the dog from 5 to 10 steps away from us.

In this manner, we can assure that our dog will do the “stay position” for minutes with an increasing distance.

Every time, we must monitor our dog to ensure that we will know its achievement for the day, and we can give its corresponding reward if there is an instance that our dog changes its position without our command.

Advanced Techniques for Train Dog to Stay

To have effective training of our dog to do the stay position when we give the command.

Teaching our dog to lay down in a different way like the lying down, instead of the sitting position so our visitors will not be scared to enter into our house.

Here are the step by step processes to teach our dog to lay down:

Lengthen the Time for the Stay Position

We must train our dog; we must train our dog to do the “stay position” for a long distance so we can quickly start up with training it to have more time to spend to maintain the stay position until we said to our dog, the word “okay” or “move.”

We must take note that we must start with a few seconds or minutes and increase the time duration for every training session.

Turn around when we walk away

While our dog keeps on working on learning how to stay, we should monitor its progress, so we need to face our dog.

The best strategy, to distinguish the improvement of our dog is through the process of starting to slowly turn our back when we move away to our dog.

It will be an exciting and challenging part for our dog to have a stay position without our presence.

Make a Way to Distract Our Dog

To determine the focus and obedience of our dog, we make a way to have a noise to know if it will be destroyed. The first thing that we must do is to give the stay command to our dog.

When our dog responds to our command, we must distract it through playing music, playing a ball, and eating in front of our dog.

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With the distraction, we will be aware that our dog has a high concentration to do our command to resist the destruction to prevent the starting the training all over again.


Hide to a Certain Place

We can now try the other technique, which is to get lost to the sight of our dog by getting out and finding a place to peep to the performance of our dog.

We can use our phone to check if our dog achieved the time limits we set.

Benefits of Teaching our Dog to Stay

Our dog is a social animal. That is why it can be trained-well with our guidance.

Here are the lists of the benefits of our dog:

Better Control

Teaching our dog with the basic command can ensure us that can easily handle our dogs inside and outside of our home.

It will help our dog to have good behavior towards the other dog, new people, and especially to us.

Stronger Bond

Spending time together with our dog can have a great time together since we can create new memories for our adventures.

The training that we provide can help our dog to have good behavior such as manageable, friendly, sweet, and knows the routine every day.

Improve Health

Training our dog to stay can help to increase the stamina of our dog and have a good concentration in doing the command that we said.

Our dog will be able to correctly done our command, and it will make sure that our dog will have good health.

We should know that the training that we provide can make our dog be physically and mentally healthy; it will lead to having a happy dog.

Final Thoughts

Having our preferred breed is not just for display when we are going outside, it should be our passion because we have affection in taking good care of our dog and have a piece of proper knowledge for our responsibilities.

We must keep in mind that our reason for having our dog is because of the deep love that we have for the social animal.

We should have our dog when it is a newborn or puppy to ensure that our dog will have good traits.

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