How to Discipline a Puppy?

It is your responsibility to discipline your puppy to foster ethical behavior.


Here are the step by step processes to discipline your puppy:

When it is the first that your puppy into home, we must start the way of disciplining, it is the best way to respond to the bad behavior that puppies have quickly.

The way we teach must be consistent to understand by our puppy and make it a habit soon.


1. Teach Puppy to Come

When puppy arrives at home, you must give him a cute name.

To be aware of its name, You must always practice calling in puppy’s name all the time.

He will understand that the name we gave so it will be easy for our puppy to come into our place when we called the name of our puppy.

2. Barking Command

We must give our puppy a command to bark and stop.

For example, we say to our puppy to bark other people and give another command, which is to stop.

If our puppy barks to the animals, we must ignore our puppy to provide it with a perception that our puppy is done to commit mistakes.

Ignore the bad behavior

When our puppies keep on barking and jumping towards us when we arrived, we should ignore our puppy to prevent having a misconception that we want our puppy in bad behavior.

They respond that we give to the action of our puppy towards us, will serve as a way to learn our dog on how to let our puppy learn to respect and value us.

Turn our Back

If we are home and our puppy keeps on barking, we must turn out back and give no attention that it wants.

Our puppy will learn that we will not pay any attention to the poor behavior it possesses.

Distract our Puppy

We can distract our puppy when it keeps on biting and chewing our furniture at home.

The effective an efficient way of making our puppy be distracted by creating a loud noise such as clapping our hands and loud voice by saying the word “no.”

Aside from distracting, our puppy will understand the concept of wrong in its behavior.

3. Potty Training

If our puppy keeps on poop inside our home, we must choose an area outside the house where to take our puppy when it shows the behavior that it will reduce.

Consistent taking our dog to a particular place outside and letting it poop along with the praise that we give will result in making it a habit of our puppy.

After the days and months of assistance, our puppy will learn to go outside when he needs to poop.

Take Breaks

We can take our puppy to other places to take it away from the area that it causes our puppy to be engaged in bad behavior.

Traveling together with puppy will serve as a way to have our puppy a time to relax and explore the outside world.

The other way around is to take our puppy outside our house and let it walk and run to our backyard.

With these two processes, it will reduce the stress and boredom of our puppy inside the house.

We can ensure that our puppy will be energetic every day since it is physically and mentally healthy.

4. Stop Barking Command

When there is a visitor, our puppy tends to keep on barking.

To prevent the visitors from getting scared with our puppy, we must teach our puppy to stop barking.

We must let our puppy learn when to stop, either through the method of giving a toy or by ignoring our puppy.


Discourage Nipping

Our puppy is sweet and loves to play with us; that is, we must have a limit to its playful side.

When our puppy nips, we must say “Ouch” and pretend in action that we are hurt by ignoring it for 20 seconds after it let go of us.

This is the way to show our puppy that we don’t want to play with our puppy with the rough games that can cause out to hurt.

5. Prevent Physical Punishment

Being together with our puppy will be the bridge for the stronger bond, which includes trust, respect, love, loyalty, and values.

We must treat our puppy nicely if our puppy commits a mistake we need to prevent the physical punishment such as beating and kicking; the best thing to do is to help our puppy to avoid from a continuous error by teaching it the dos and don’ts.

The physical punishment must be avoided to ensure that there is a good relationship from one another and prevent the injury to the body of our puppy.

Other Consistent Routine

Our time and effort have a significant factor in the success of the consistent routine for our puppy.

Here are the other lists of the method that is best for our puppy:

6. Encouraging Good Behavior

We must have a different strategy to motivate our puppy to perform better behavior.

For instance, it is our first time to take care of the young puppy; we should consult a veterinarian and puppy trainer to have an idea of what are the best tips to ensure the excellent growth of our puppy which includes:

Feeding Schedule

We must have a chart which contains the amount and the lists of healthy foods.

Creating a feeding schedule can provide the health of our puppy and prevent frequent urination because we already how many times our puppy will eat.

Use of Pads

The pads can purchase through the store at an affordable price. The pads can attract our puppy because it contains pheromone.

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The first step in the potty training in the pad is through placing the pad to the floor and let it expose to our puppy.

We must make sure that our puppy must put into the pad when poop and praise it for learning the routine for months.

When we left our puppy to our home, we can highly be assured that our puppy will go to the pad on its own to urinate or poop.

Lastly, we can remove one of the pads every day until it becomes only one to ensure that our puppy will have a habit of staying on the pad.

7. Assert the Authority to Your Puppy

We must assert our authority calmly to our puppy to easily handle our puppy since they will learn to respect and respond easily to our command.

The puppy that can be easily handled can take to different places without a problem because a well-trained puppy has good behavior.

We can both experience multiple activities due to the reason that spending our time with our puppy can result from having fun.

Understanding How to Motivate Your Puppy

Having an excellent resource to have an idea of how to motivate our puppy is important since we can assure that our puppy will pay attention to us.

The puppy must take to the outside to meet new people, and another puppy will make our puppy for the improvement of its social skills and have some fun.


Giving Reward to our puppy

We can also give multiple positive reinforcement such as food, toys, and praise to encourage our puppy to have a concept in mind that they must do good behavior by doing our command.

In other words, the reward will serve as a way to increase the drive of the dog to continue doing good behavior.

Self-Rewarding Behavior

We must take into consideration that our training must be a reward-based for the excellent respond of our puppy.

We must use a reward such as foods, toys, and praise will serve as a way to motivate our puppy to learn the excellent behavior quickly and we must check the behavior of giving the different reinforcement to determine which has the high impact to the behavior of our puppy to feel motivated to follow dog commands since our puppy will learn to value us for the love , time and effort we gave for teaching the good behavior to prevent chewing and biting our things inside our homes such as shoes, sofa, long curtain, and our clothes.

Final Thoughts

The discipline can be taught easily for the young ones by creating a strategy that touches the heart, mind, and soul.

Giving love and time can help puppy to grow with a positive mind and learn to respect us to live a happy and contented life.

The strategy includes the positive reinforcement is beneficial, so our puppy will easily learn the consistent routine that we set and easy for us to motivate our puppy to follow our command.

Our puppy will possess a positive trait that can help to have a good relationship with other puppies and serve as a role model to influence its playmate to become the better version of themselves.

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