How to House Train an Older Dog?

As pet lovers, we want to make sure that we will provide the needs of our dogs, and we will train them to have a good habit.


We need to have the house training for an older dog to prevent the small one from copying the bad behavior of our older dog.

The effective training needs patience and effort to help the older dog to have a positive attitude and routine with or without our supervision.

Here are the lists of the essential tips in training that is best for our older dogs:


Why Older Dog need House Train

We must observe the problems of our dogs to make sure that we can find the right solution over the problem regarding the behavior of our older dog.

We need to have a record of the behavior of the dog that is an accurate and specific detail to present to the veterinarian.

Know the Background Information about our dog

We can contact the previous owner of the dog so we can have the source of what is the behavior of the older dog that we need to change and choose the best training that is appropriate to make a significant improvement to our older dog.

Consult a Veterinarian

We need to have a schedule with the veterinarian to have a consultation regarding the habits of our dog.

The veterinarian will give us professional advice that is very suitable for our dog.

We will be able to try the advice to ensure that it will have an improvement with our dog.

If the habits of our older dog remain, we can bring it to the veterinarian for the treatment and training.

Know the Poop Time of Our Older Dog


Effectively, we monitor where and when the older dogs pee and poop.

We can put our dog in a cage as a way of punishment to know the concept of wrong to pee inside the house.

The punishment can discourage our older dog from making the same bad habits.

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Clean the House

We need to make sure that our house is clean and has no odorous smell that causes by our older dog since it poops inside the house.

It will be helpful to help our dog to have a better place to have a good habit.

Going Back to Basic Training for Our Older Dog

It is the best way to spend more time with our dog.

The basic training serves as a way to bring back memories and have a stronger bond together.

The closer we are to our dogs; it will make our dog obedient to our command.

House Train Our Dog


We must have the time to train our dog to have a consistent routine and will be able to have good behavior with us and to other dogs.

The older dogs will be friendly and teach the puppies with the training it has.

Potty Training

Our dog must know its place on where poop to make our home clean and neat.

We need to choose the best outdoor area for our dog to eliminate.

If ever, we are living in the apartment, and it is not safe for our dog to go out, we can train them to use the papers and little box to eliminate their waste.

Make a Routine

We can walk with our dog outside to accompany it to poop every morning.

Aside from walking, we can also teach the dog to get its water bowl and food from the below cabinet or open the fridge and get us the water and fruits to eat.

Consistent Feeding Schedule

Making a feeding schedule to follow is essential to provide our older dog with the right amount of food, so it prevents from popping regularly, and our dog will be physically and mentally healthy.

To make our dog healthy, we can also ask a doctor about the foods to eat by the dog and how many times to eat per day.

Water Dish

The water must always be available to prevent our dog from being thirsty, especially during the summertime.

We must also check the water to make sure that our dog will drink clean water to prevent from having diarrhea.

Check the Behavior of Our Dog

Paying attention to our older dog if they have the behavior is helpful to assist them to open the door and poop.

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The behaviors of the dog that we must pay attention which includes the sniffling, pacing, circling, whining, and leaving the room, meaning that they need to go out and poop.

Positive Attitude


Our dog will be motivated to follow our command if we correctly treat them.

Yelling and hurting our dog must avoid in having a good relationship with our dog.

We must teach our pets the toilet training and the routine so they will have a guide on the do and don’ts.


If our dog loves to bite our furniture or go everywhere without us is the wrong thing to do by our dog, so we need the best approach that we can do, which is to let it stay in the crate.

In addition, the crate of our dog will be their own space, and the dog bed will make our dog feel comfortable sleeping.

Formal Routine

For two weeks, we can make a routine for our dog that will help to improve the behavior of our dog.

We can give reinforcement to the ethical behavior of the dog to let it feel motivated to remove the bad behavior.

If our dogs continue to fail due to behavioral problems, we need to gather a solution to change the way the behavior of our dog.


The older tends to often eliminate their waste despite the training that we have.

We must understand, so we must have the place where the dogs should eliminate their waste if the door of our house is closed.

Consult with a pet behavior specialist

If we find it difficult to understand the behavior of our dog, we must make a schedule with the pet behavior schedule.

The specialist will provide us the information about the diagnose problem and the treatment for our older dog.

Anxiety Medication

If our dog has the symptoms of anxiety and stress, we can make a schedule for the veterinarian to check our dog.

If our assumptions are correct, the veterinarian will give us the prescription and advice.

Benefits of Training Our Dogs

The love, care, and discipline that we give to our dogs can make a remarkable improvement to us as well as the older dogs.

The following are the lists of the benefits that we need to keep in mind:

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Better Control

Our dog will follow our command, such as sit, come, and stand and play dead.

Training our dog to know the basic command will serve as a way to have better control of our dog.

It is the best way to make sure that our dog will not bark and bite other people.

Our dog will be friendly and sociable in meeting new people and other dogs.


Our dog will quickly pay attention to our commands and learn to understand each other.

It is helpful to reduce stress and create a happy relationship with one another.

Stronger Bond


The time, love, and care are the fabulous foundation to develop a stronger bond with our dogs, which means there are trust and respect with one another.

The pieces of training that we provide to our dog, which may lead to the positive behavior of our dog, so it will be easy for us to manage our dog.

We will be confident and relax to leave our older dog to stay at our house.


Our dog will be able to kiss and hug us when we arrive at home or if they notice a problem.

Seeing our dog have good behavior makes us proud that we become a better owner, and our dog can relieve us of the stress.

We can play with our dogs and travel together to experience the new culture.

Live Longer

Our dog can be our companion in jogging and hiking to ensure that we will not be alone.

It will also help to make our body healthy to live longer and have a good memory together.

The dog training serves as the guidelines to live our pets with rules and learn to value our command.

Spending time with our dog will be an exciting and challenging one to try the adventure.

We need to keep in mind that taking care of our dog is like raising a baby, which means that we want all the best for them and mold them to learn to respect and give love to other people.

If they commit a mistake, we have a scaffolding to prevent making the same mistakes in the past.

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