How to Get Started With Clicker Training Your Dog?

You might have always been inspired by seeing the videos online where they train their dogs, but that would be possible only if your dog would cooperate with you.


But you do not have to be disappointed anymore, here we have some happy news for you.

You can use a clicker to train your dog, and this is going to work wonders for you. With the help of that, dog training will be so much easier. 

The other positive point to this is that starting with clicker training for your dog is simple, easy, and inexpensive.

To make things easier for you, we have put together some tips that will help you with all the basics. 


What are these basics of clicker training for your dog?

While you train your dog, it is mandatory to have some quick tricks in mind.

So, with the help of the clicker and your tricks, you can teach your dog whatever you are expecting from him.

Also, you can look out for these dog clickers anywhere – a pet store in the market or even in stores online.

If you are wondering what these clickers are, then let us give you some details about as well.

They are small plastic boxes which you need to hold up in your hand, and when you press down on its metal tongue, it will give out a clicking sound

So, the whole objective behind this is that when your dog performs the desired task, you click at that moment itself.

Also, this thing works so well with dogs and helps in clear communication when they are going about with their tasks correctly. 


Are there any perks of using the clicker for your dog?

You will see many dog trainers make use of these clickers as it helps them to train their dogs appropriately.

But there are other benefits of using this clicker for your dog and those include the following things:

  • Just with that one click, you can mark good behaviors very precisely.
  • This also encourages your dog to try out some new and fun things.
  • Dogs get the hang of that click very quickly, and they know that they are doing something good and correct.
  • It can also be helpful for you to increase your timing and your method of training your dog.
  • Also, if your dog is too shy or fearful, then this clicker can help in boosting his level of confidence.
  • It helps your dog to build their attention and focus.
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How can clicker training be implemented for your dog?

If you are a newbie to this clicker training, then the best way to start with it is by making your dog sit down.

So, you can ask your dog to sit down, and as soon as he does that, you can give him the click and then follow it by a treat. 

This had to continue for a few times so that your dog realizes that he is doing something good for which he is being treated.

So, you need to help your dog get the behavior, click it, and then reinforce it.

You do not have to stress about with your dog and this method because he will be able to catch up pretty quickly.

So, the idea behind this method is simple. As soon as your dog does the behavior you expect, he needs to get a click and then a treat for reinforcement.


Some clicker tips to keep in mind: 

  • You should always remember that the timing of the click is the most crucial part of this training. After the desired behavior has been completed, then you can reward your dog. The timing of the threat is not essential here.
  • If you are looking forward to a particular behavior, but your dog isn’t showing any progress, then you need to know that you are clicking late. If you want to achieve some good results in this training, accurate timing is an essential factor.
  • You should always start small and then go ahead with a higher goal. When you see good behavior with tiny tasks, then you can go ahead with bigger ones. You must shape the behavior of your dog, and that is precisely what this clicker training will help you with.
  • Always keep in mind that you should boss around your pet dog. This training is not based on commands. If your pet doesn’t respond to you, then you shouldn’t feel disappointed. It means that your pet hasn’t got the hang of it – so let your dog understand the cue and get used to it. Make sure you do not hit your pet while going about this training. Let them learn at their own pace.
  • If your dog does something that you appreciate, then you can click. You should always start easy. So, you can try something that your dog is already comfortable doing.
  • If you are looking forward to increasing the enthusiasm, then you have to increase the number of treats and not the number of clicks. 
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Some clicker training mistakes that you need to avoid

With this method of clicker training, your dog will be able to learn newer things. But it can also confuse them if it isn’t used in the right way.

So, when you are using the clicker, make sure you click it only once. If you click it more than once, then your dog will not know the behavior that he is being rewarded for.

Also, do not forget to follow it up with a good treat later on.

Clicker training can help build your pet’s confidence level

You might be wondering how the level of confidence in your dog will rise with this training, isn’t it?

Well, he will think he has good control over the consequences, and that will increase his level of confidence.

When you do something in a good and positive way, then your dog will always look forward to learning newer things with you.

Also, if you treat them well, they will be delighted to learn new things.

In this way, you will not have a tough time training your dog because you know they are ready to listen, cooperate, and be smart while you train them for various activities


When you start teaching your dog a new behavior, you use the clicker method to tell them about the type of behaviors that are acceptable to you.

When you mark their behavior with an appropriate sound, then your dog will know about the right things he has done for which he will great treat later on.

If you try talking ton your dog and telling them what you are looking forward to then, they are not going to understand what you are saying.

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With a clicker, you get a better opportunity to communicate with your dog at the moment when they do something worth appreciating.

What are the other things you should know while using clicker training for your dog?

  • Choose a quiet place to train your pet: you should opt for a place that is quiet and has lesser distractions.

In this way, your dog will be able to pay more attention to you, and you will get your desired results faster.

Also, it is essential to choose a quiet place for clicker training because your dog needs to hear the sound of the click!

  • Make it look as if you are clicking a snap: if you feel you are struggling with the timing of the click, then think as if you are clicking a picture.

So, you need to imagine that you are clicking a picture of your pet while he does whatever task you are on a lookout for. If you want him to sit down, then as soon as he does that, you need to click

  • Conduct the training on an empty stomach: since you will be treating your dog with some yummy snacks after the task has been completed, you must do this training on an empty stomach.

If your dog has already eaten and is full, then he will not be motivated to get some more food after this training session is done. This will make clicker training tougher for you. 

  • Keep the clicker with you at all times: if it is not possible to keep the clicker with you at all times, then at least make it a point that you have it with you most of the time.

Even if you aren’t in a training session, you can use the clicker and see if your dog can pick up what he has been taught last.

Apart from this, you can also just click if your dog does something right; this will give him some motivation to do it more often.

Irrespective of what happens, you need to remember that the click needs to go out at the right time, or else your dog will be confused.

This clicker training depends on your click – so be alert and train your pet well!

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