Super Easy 25 Puppy Training Tips – Complete Guide

Our love for Puppies inspires us to be a better owner by letting them live with rules and possess the best attribute that we will be proud of.


Here are the 25 puppy training tips that we need to keep in mind:


1. Give Your Puppy a Name

We need to think about the name that is best for dog that we love.

It must also be short of pronouncing it quickly, and dog will determine if we are giving them a command.

The name of dog means everything since it makes he be responsive and play along with us.

2. Make “house rules.”

We must make the do’s and don’ts for dog so that it will serve as the routine of puppy inside the house.

It is a simple way of training to ensure that he has the discipline inside home and serves as the daily routine.

He will not destroy the furniture in the house, and will be trained on the things it needs to do.

3. Dog Bed Training

We need to provide the dog with his own space and make him comfortable in sleeping.

If we prefer our dog to stay inside house, we need to have dog bed that has the durable resistant to the water, and it must have the cooling effect for comfort when sleeping, especially during the summer.

However, if dog loves to bite its bed, we need to choose the one that has a durable resistant to being damaged.


4. Give a Break

It is essential that after the command that give to dogs, we will be able to get them a fresh bottle of water and food to eat.

After the break, we can train him to place the food and water bowl to the sink.

It will help to train dogs to make sure that after eating, it will always be placed into the sink to be cleaned.

5. Reinforcement

We need to give incentives to puppy if it has done a good job.

It will serve as the motivation for the dogs to always to better.

The reinforcement that we can give is the food, toys, or praises that are effective to be obedient to our command, such as coming to us when we call our puppy’s name.

6. Jump Up

We must prevent dog from the negative behavior, which includes jumping when we arrived at home.

We need to ignore him to prevent it from getting the wrong idea that jumping when sees us is the best thing to do.

It will train puppy that the next time, we arrive it will behave.

7. Biting

If dog doesn’t seem to follow, we need to place him into the cage as its punishment.

This way of punishment is efficient in making puppies realize that it’s wrong to bite and damage the furniture.

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It will serve as the lesson that to be free from roaming around the house, they must not chew the foams to prevent us from giving a punishment.


8. Train to go to the Bathroom

The age of puppy must be 12-16 weeks to have the proper potty training can prevent him to poop inside house.

It is helpful to train puppies to maintain the cleanliness and neatness of his body.

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9. Research How Dog Learn

Talking to dog is effective in ensuring that we will be able to provide the needs of dog.

It will serve as our guide to provide the needs of dog and let them learn multiple things.

Searching for the knowledge will make us a better pet lover and have control of the behavior of the dog.

It allows us to choose the best training to make puppy be brilliant and have a strong body.

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10. Encourage Exploration

The dog must explore the outside world to make them have a stronger feeling of belongingness since he will be given a chance to keep on exploring.

He will be sociable to other dogs easily and build a friendship that is efficient to make them feel safe.

We can bring puppy whenever we go out of town or country to let it experience the new environment and can learn new tricks.

11. Kiss

We can teach dogs to kiss us as a sign of the greetings when we arrived at home.

Puppy will develop its affection to us; He will be sweet to babies and develop a friendship from one another.

The babies will not be afraid to be near puppy since it kisses them on a cheek that will result to be good playmates.

If we have a bad day, cute puppy will be able to kiss us to relieve our stress because it makes us feel that we are not alone and let us remember that they love us no matter what happens.


12. Shake with back paws

It is a good form of exercise to learn our puppy to learn to balance and strengthen its body.

Our dog has the agility that can make our puppies good in different games.

It can also make puppy be our companion when we want to have jogging and herd our chicken or the ruminants in the farms.

Shaking with the use of the back paws will make other people not scared of puppy inside our home since our dog makes a good way of welcoming into house.

13. Stop Barking

Our puppy tends to bark when there are unfamiliar people who just passed by into our house or our visitors.

We must be positive and consistent to train our puppy to be a good one, so it is better to ignore them until it comes to the point that it stops from barking.

It is also important that we must prevent to yell to puppy to ensure that it will stop barking soon.

14. Fetch

Training our dog to fetch can prevent obesity and joint disease.

We need to teach dog to come into us when they called and let our puppy play with our toy.

Remove the attention of our puppy with the toy by slowly moving it around and let our puppy grab the toy.

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We must play with our puppy with the fetch game by throwing the toy with the distance.

15. Roll Over

We can use a mat for the comfort to train a puppy to roll over.

We need to teach our dog with the demonstration and let the dog do the down position.

It is necessary that we still guide them to roll over by placing out a hand from the nose to the neck to make it easy and faster to roll in the mat.

To get the rollover properly, we need to let puppy repeat how to roll over.

16. Play Dead

The first thing that we need to teach the dog is down position and place our hand to the shoulder of our puppy to encourage it to lie over, and we need to make a sound such as a bang or sleep.

We need to check if our puppy has a good act of playing dead.

17. Spin

The spinning is the easiest tricks to teach our dog.

To let our dog spin, we need to get their attention, such as toys or foods.

We need to hold it tightly and place it into the nose of our puppy, and we must move it into a circular motion above the head so the puppy will spin easily.

The numbers of the repetition for the spinning is two to three times.


18. Stand on Hind Legs

Our dog must be in a sitting position, and we must lure our dog with the food by placing it high, and it will make our dog stand in hind legs because it wants to get the food from our hand.

It can make the muscle in the hind legs to burn the carbohydrates intake of our dog and make it stronger.

19. Hug

To make the hug command, we need to train our dogs to learn how to hug.

We need to sit down on the floor with our dog and call our dog to give a hug.

Our dog will learn to give a warm hug to make us feel better, and it will serve as an action of our dog when we arrive at home.

It will also adapt to our dog when they meet other dogs and our family members.

20. Get water and food

Our dog will love us and follow our commands.

Even, we are not giving them a command, it will be able to know our routine at our home because our puppy becomes part of our life.

It will help us in our home, such as bringing us the foods and water from the refrigerator.

It will make us enjoy watching our favorite movie until our dog arrives and give us water and food.

Together with our dog, we will feel happy and comfortable staying in our house to relieve the stress.

21. Sit Pretty

Our puppy already knows the sit position that will make us easy to teach our puppy with the cute trick, which is the art of sitting pretty.

Doing this position allows the front legs of our puppy to relax that can make their back stronger and learn to balance their bodies.

22. Run

Making our puppy our companion in jogging is the best since both of us will be able to be physically fit.

It is the best way to have good health that is our best foundation to live our life to the fullest and take good care of our dog.

Our dog will not have the malnourish or obese weight since running burn calories inside the body, and it can result in strengthening the muscles of our dog.

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Advantages of puppy training tips

As a Dog Owner, we want to treat our puppy like an infant wherein we teach them the right manners the dog must possess.

Our puppy needs to have guidance since we will have the one who will benefit when we train our dogs.

The following are the lists of the advantages that we will have and as well as our puppy that we love so much:


1. Closer Bond with our puppy

Training our puppy will result in our closer bond from one another.

Our puppy will be satisfied with the care and time we provide every day.

Training our puppy is beneficial, so they may grow into a good dog that will always be obedient to us that will make us happy to be a parent of our puppy.

We will easily handle our dogs when they misbehave, and our puppy will be able to be responsive in our routine.

2. Easy Management

Giving attention and love to our puppy will result in making the dogs obedient to us.

It will be easy for us to teach our puppy since it does whatever we say and make a demonstration.

We need to teach our dogs with simple or basic dog commands such as sit roll or stay.

With the basic command, our puppy can be managed well, and it will be able to be a good member of the family.

The good training and treatment with our dog can ensure us that our puppy will grow with discipline and respect for us.

3. Sociable and Friendly Dogs

Letting our puppy to be with other dogs is the most important moment in our puppy’s life.

Our puppy will learn how to respond well from one another and prevent our dog from fighting from one another.

We can also bring our puppy outside of our house so that they will explore the new place.

4. Fun Learning

We love our pets, that is the reason why we want to make a way to train our puppy to be a better one.

We can consult with other people who have the right knowledge, skills, and right attitude to the puppy to ask for advice if we find it difficult to train our puppy.

It is effective to make the difficulties we encountered in training for our puppy can be resolved easily.

5. Pet Lover

We will find it an interesting and challenging part to be the parent of our little puppy.

The time and effort that we give to our puppy will serve as a way to build a good relationship with one another.

Throughout the time that we spend with our dog will bring us joy and relieve us from the stress caused by external factors such as environment, other people, and work.

6. Safety

Our puppy will learn to value us because we love them and protect them since our pet is just a little one.

In the circumstances, we will not be safe; our pets will be there to help us through thick and thin, and they will save us from harmful people who have bad intentions towards us.

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